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Whether seeking a property to purchase or lease, finding the ideal location
is a multifaceted endeavor.

The Kohnen Group utilizes a project management approach to develop
a collaborative strategy, timeline, and consensus to address critical factors unique to each client. The result is a thorough understanding of a client’s time sensitivities, financial expectations, space demands, and goals for vicinity to networks, talent pools, and quality-of-life components. Our process efficiently narrows the field and streamlines the decision process.

Knowledgeable in the most current trends in the expansive San Diego market, we create leverage and aggressively negotiate to arrive at a transaction that meets our clients’ goals.

Green Building Qualifying

TKG is an advocate for healthy buildings, sustainability, and best-in-class building operations. We assist our clients meet their sustainability and wellness goals by guiding you through the various industry certifications like LEED, WELL Building, EnergyStar, and others.

Situational Analysis and Strategic Planning

Location strategy, efficient floor plans to square footage needs, tenancy types, lease terms, target occupancy dates, building systems and amenities. TKG evaluates these factors and more for a filtered list of ideal properties and efficient touring.

Financial Analysis

TKG provides you a dashboard cost comparison of the various options. Concisely compare lease terms, lease versus purchase, occupancy costs, and rate of return. Our clients have reliable data to make an informed decision.

Site Selection

Beyond physical space demands and on-paper economics, TKG assists a company evaluate locations for vicinity to networks, talent pools, and quality-of-life components.

Incentives Identification

Rent abatement, early termination, expansion, right of first refusal, tenant improvement allowance, amortized construction costs, city and state incentives. TKG guides our clients through market-relevant concession and incentive options to maximize capital preservation.

Transaction Negotiations and Due Diligence

Negotiation of business points and terms memorialized through Request for Proposal (RFP), Letter of Intent. Proceed to due diligence and if applicable escrow closing.

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